The Only Ghost In Town - Mirage CS The Only Ghost In Town


Mirage – the new album from New Jersey shoegazers The Only Ghost In Town isn’t so much an album, but rather a space rock opera epic. While the “rock opera” isn’t necessarily a new thing, it was Dan Saraceni’s (By Surprise) sonic affinity for bands like Hum and Catherine Wheel, combined with the influence of records like Cursive's The Ugly Organ and the soundtrack to The Phantom of the Paradise, that helped shape the overall direction of his newest album. Featuring the same line-up as 2014’s False Color Images, Mirage shows a new side of the band – boasting heavier tones and glossed-up hooks strong enough to hang from. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House, the album builds upon the band's previous work, while exploring new territory in more ways than one.