Mineral Girls - Seven Inches of Release 7" The Mineral Girls

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Split release with Self Aware Records

Mineral Girls formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in February of 2013. They played their first couple shows with acoustic guitars, casios, and no microphones.

Over the next couple years they toured up and down the east coast, and got louder and louder every show. they're still not very loud, but they use microphones now. Their first three eps, and first full length "Cozy Body" were recorded mostly, if not entirely, in Brett's bedroom. Brett is the dude singing by the way, Audrey is on a guitar, Dylan on bass, and Vince has been playing drums all along.

At some point mid 2016, a video of mineral girls playing an unreleased song surfaced on a blog written entirely in Japanese. someone copied and pasted the post into google translate and found out that it was about time for "seven inches of release." Mineral Girls went into an actual studio (Legit Biz) for the first time shortly after that and recorded two songs.

"Skeleton dad" and "Scooby Doo Bookshelf" are Mineral Girls' loudest and most collaboratively written songs to date.

The first pressing is limited to 300 on randomly mixed colored vinyl.