Animal Flag - LP Animal Flag


Animal Flag's "LP" is a compilation of fully remastered and resequenced tracks from their self-titled EP (2014) and EP 2 (2015).

The songs on EP and also EP 2 were primarily recorded over the course of one week in May 2014 and were initially intended to be released as a full-length album. The rest of it was completed in early 2015 with the current lineup of the band. Because of member changes, botched tours, and other various inconveniences, the record was split in half and the cohesive album as a whole wasn't fully realized until now.

"I wrote all of the songs on LP when I was between the ages of 17 and 21. These songs are snapshots of a version of myself that I am not entirely proud of and I view it as a deeply flawed work. It is a messy first sketch, sprinkled with some cringe-worthy lyrics, questionable musical choices, and a barrage of beliefs which I clung to helplessly as a child. I shed my former self throughout the process of writing this album. Through the mess, I hope some sort of beauty or truth came to exist in the form of these songs.

The history of Animal Flag has been a confusing one. The first Animal Flag record was a drone album made on my parents' desktop computer in 2007. The genre shifted to folk for a handful of releases around 2010 followed by an electronic pop album out of the left field in 2013 (re-released under the moniker Bad Dreams), among others with different lineups and collaborators. For us, what is presented here as LP is the pivot point."
- Matt Politoski

Pressing info:
1st press:
100 copies clear w/ white, grey, and black splatter
200 copies black vinyl