Batwings Catwings - Coast to Coast EP Batwings Catwings


Batwings Catwings are a noisy punk pop electro/synth post-hardcore influenced weirdo rock band from Los Angeles, CA and features ex-members of The Mae Shi, Puppy Dog, and The Press Fire.

Their new 6 song EP "Coast To Coast" is being released as a single sided 12" LP with a screen printed b-side.

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Batwings Catwings was essentially born when The Press Fire's Clay Johnson was voraciously exploring LA's DIY music scene and stumbled upon Dana Poblete, the singer of experimental "ethereal punk" band Puppy Dog, in 2009. Onstage at the legendary downtown Los Angeles venue, The Smell, she was screaming into a megaphone during a collaboration with tribal noise band Foot Village. It clicked in Clay's head that this was a magic moment. Dana, inspired by the musical creativity and dynamic live shows of local bands like The Mae Shi and Health, had taught herself how to make and perform music that would not only command people's attention, but turn them into friends.

Clay tracked Dana down and proposed starting a new band, Batwings Catwings. She was in, ready to make straight up awesome rock music that kids could get stoked on—just like what she felt in her earlier days as a teen fanatically traversing from her hometown of Virginia Beach to Norfolk, Richmond, and D.C. to catch her favorite indie and hardcore bands. The evolution of Batwings Catwings has been a natural progression back to that moment in time.

From the dancey yet dissonant sounds of their 2011 debut EP, Peacock Collection, to the arpeggiating Radio 7", to the poppy punk of the Whoa EP, their new record from Broken World Media, Coast to Coast, is the heart of Batwings Catwings—being worn on their sleeves. This band was raised on indie rock of the '90s and aren't shy about it—their 12" flaunts their unabashed love of poppy, athletic post-hardcore with more than an ounce of nostalgia. A DIY spirit with electric dueling guitars, penetrating distorted bass, fist-pounding drums, and melodic vocals—that's Clay Johnson, Dana Poblete, Ray Santillan III, Jeffrey Byron, and Cindy Sukrattanawong. That's BWCW.