Rozwell Kid - The Rozwell Kid LP CS Rozwell Kid

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Rozwell Kid's first LP on cassette!

“Rozwell Kid is the rock’n’roll brainchild of Jordan Hudkins, who, with the help of his bandmates, creates music that honors the insouciant attitude of his LA post-grunge influences, without the sun-tanned decadence of some of his noise pop counterparts. Born and raised in West Virginia, Hudkins’ landlocked upbringing is reflected perfectly on his albums, which pairs music that bursts at the seams with restless energy and lyrics that grapple with the dark side of fun.”

1. Rocket
2. Dylan Don't Do It
3. New Mexico
4. My Saturn
5. '93 Connie & Ronnie
6. Ave Ventura Pt. 3
7. Born 2 Drum
8. Sweets
9. Hawaiian Shirt
10. Empty Glass

pressing info
1st edition - 100 Kelly Green Cassettes
2nd edition - 100 Orange Cassettes
3rd edition - 100 white cassettes
4th edition - 200 purple cassettes