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Every community has a genesis story. Upstate New York’s Take One Car attribute their identity to embracing theirs. Since releasing their first LP in 2009 – When the Ceiling Meets the Floor – members Tyler Irish, Pete Scholes, Laurent Blanchette, and Justin Russinko allowed themselves to be the products of their capabilities, enduring trial to identify and cast aside error. This natural maturation imbues the band with an experience and sense of self that sets them apart from their DIY counterparts while still maintaining the organic face-to-face intimacy shared by their peers. Take One Car draws from a variety of musical influences from the tattered ups and downs of mewithoutYou to the echoing atmospheres of As Cities Burn. Their third LP, Everyone You Know is Here Right Now continues their rise through self-identity and maturation. The record was engineered by John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance, Moving Mountains) and Tony Pitkin and mixed and mastered by the former in Nada Recording Studios in Windsor, NY. Everyone You Know explores subjects like crippling self-awareness and the search for salvation (In the Wind) and doubt and coming to terms with it (Travel Agency). In their clear progression between releases, Take One Car has developed a remarkable knack for capturing feeling and the oscillating atmosphere that it quivers in. There was no Big Bang that formed Take One Car. There was no mass expansion outward, and no slow cooling and clumping of masses. But if you pay attention, you can certainly feel one echoing through Everyone You Know is Here Right Now.

1. White Flag
2. In The Wind
3. I Never Knew The Sound
4. Killing Floor
5. When You See Me Again It Won't Be Me
6. Travel Agency
7. Aqua Seafoam Shame
8. Like Pulling Teeth

Pressing info
300 bone white
100 milky clear w/ black, gold, bronze, and baby blue splatter
100 bone white w/ black and bronze haze

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