Makeshift Shelters - Something So Personal LP Vinyl


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1. Opposite Directions
2. "This Song is Definitely Not About a Boy"
3. Lighterfluid
4. Hips
5. The Cautious End of Things
6. New Coast
7. Grayest Places
8. Overflowing
9. I'll Be The One That Comes Around
10. Darkest Nights

Vinyl pressing info:
First press - 100 clear w/ splatter, 200 sea blue, 200 baby pink

Since its heyday in the mid-to-late 00s, it certainly seems like pop-driven indie rock has been spoken for. To some that may be the case, but Makeshift Shelters is adding to the conversation while simultaneously creating their own. The Washington, D.C. locals use their first LP Something So Personal to channel their dynamic mastery of pop and indie with songs that shake the floorboards in more ways than one.

Something So Personal was recorded by Chris Teti (The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Dads) at Silver Bullet Studios. Its 10 songs exhibit innumerable ranges of sonic dynamics that seem to mimic the ups and downs of the subject matter at the forefront. Makeshift Shelters kicks the door in with the crashing opener Opposite Directions featuring the trodden, reverent lyrics “What do we have now?/We’re nothing but the ghost of potential” and is immediately followed by the up-tempo, synth-laden Not About A Boy. With sassy, colloquial, biting lyrics like “You’ll never get your sweater back, and by the way, that was a really shitty mix tape,” Taylor Swift might eat her own heart out. By the time the record has weaved from its slow, building New Coast to its strong, climactic Darkest Nights, Something So Personal showcases itself as a record that has achieved charisma in every aspect.

In their first LP, Makeshift Shelters prove themselves as an intelligent, confident group that have the capabilities and know-how to do it all. In the same way that Something So Personal has a firm grasp on itself Ella, Phil, Andrew, and Paul make a familiar genre their own. Makeshift Shelters certainly aren’t the first to combine pop and indie and wear it on their sleeves, but with the mastery present in Something So Personal, it certainly seems like they’ve perfected it.