Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe? 12" Old Gray


Old Gray's EP "Do I Date Disturb The Universe" was originally released in late 2011 and is now on vinyl for the first time. This single sided 12" contains the original 4 songs from the EP as well as bonus material.

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1st pressing:
250 copies - bone / oxblood color in color
250 copies - electric blue w/ bronze and white splatter
250 copies - half brown half white
250 copies - black

"We originally had such high hopes and grandiose plans for this EP- a seamless, six song jam, packed with guest spots from friends on strings, piano and vocals. Due to time constraints and trying to do too many things at once, things just didn't work out. So maybe next time.

But we're still proud of this. While we wrote and recorded the entire Demo in what couldn't have been more than a week, we focused all of our efforts and energy into tuning these songs and making them as solid as we could. Are there things we wish we could change or add? Maybe some riff didn't come out the way we hoped, or some vocals are off-putting, or maybe a drum hit is missing?

In a word- no. It's how we want it. We're happy and we put all we had into it."
- Old Gray