Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - In Which the Choices We Didn't Make Were Better Than the Ones That We Did 7" ***NEW RARE VARIANTS FOUND Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)


From Keith Lantinen’s liner notes:
A little (brief, I swear!) history behind these two songs: they are both alternate versions of songs we have already released, but these versions are quite different. “I Would Have Stolen You a Whole Orchestra” originally appears on “On Time Spent Waiting…” and is much slower and has a completely different set of lyrics / melody. It’s a slow verson of an already slow song- and yes, the “(Stability Version)” tacked on is indeed a nod to one of the best Death Cab for Cutie Songs/releases in their canon.

This version of “Rally the Troops!…” features the original lyrics/melodies that came much earlier and are still so ingrained in my mind that I sometimes accidentally slip into them while performing this song live. If you see me mess up and sing some of these lyrics, you will know why. The last thing to change vocally on “What It Takes to Move Forward” was “Rally the Troops!”, in which I rewrote the lyrics and the melody. I think the album version is still the stronger of the two, but this song is certainly interesting and has its own strengths not found in the LP version. This version also features a third guitar that was cut out of the final LP version during the breakdown of the song.

1. I Would Have Stolen You a Whole Orchestra (Stability Version)
2. Rally the Troops! Poke Holes in Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers With Their Coffins! (Original Version)

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