Saintseneca - Grey Flag LP Saintseneca


Saintseneca is an acoustic folk band hailing from Columbus, Ohio. The band’s “Grey Flag” EP was recorded and tracked live within a single day. Originally released in 2010 on cassette by Paper Brigade and currently out of print, the EP will be re-released as a 12” LP, with a bonus program on the b-side featuring the band’s first S/T EP (originally released on 7” in 2009) through Broken World Media.

Featuring quick, bright, and perfectly placed strumming with multi-layered instrumentation, and raw, heartfelt lyrics about the tolls and misfortunes of life, Saintseneca take on both modern and traditional forms of folk and pop to produce a sound that many would call mesmerizing.

Saintseneca’s new album Dark Arc is out now on ANTI-.

1. Kill All Animals
2. Roanoke
3. The Worst Days
4. Thunder Thief
5. Grey Flag
6. God Bones
7. Shipwrecked
8. No Names
9. Water to Wine

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500 Black Vinyl