Donovan Wolfington - Stop Breathing LP Donovan Wolfington

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New Orleans based Donovan Wolfington are debuting their first full length record, “Stop Breathing” coming Spring 2013. The record features 32 minutes of angst-filled, nostalgic punk and emo with a dash of 90’s rock spread across 10 blistering new tracks, presenting a sound that is the perfect blend of throwback loyalty and forward thinking ingenuity. Stop Breathing updates and expands upon the sound laid forth on earlier recordings, and reflects the members’ struggles and successes with growing up and leaving home, all while trying to make a rock record they can be proud of.

Split release with Community Records.

Tigers Jaw, No Age, Snowing, Teen Suicide, Pavement

1. Die Alone
2. Spencer Green
3. Coca-Cola
4. American Spirits
5. Love Is Natural
6. Ryan Rowley
7. Zero
8. Hell
9. High Life

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300 Mixed Color Vinyl

Second pressing info
250 Blue Vinyl
250 Pink Vinyl